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• Overview •

The Battering Rams is Cincinnati's premier MEN'S flat-track roller derby team. Based in Cincinnati, OH, the team draws players from all over the Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky region. If you are interested in joining the team, or want to visit a practice to see
if flat track roller derby is for you, please check out our Join the Team! page.

• July 2nd, 2011 •

The Cincinnati Battering Rams held its first practice on July 2, 2011 at the Cincinnati Rollergirls' (CRG) practice space, The Chop Shop. Quad Almighty, Head Coach of CRG, and a handful of brave recruits from all over the Tri-State quickly began to meld into the Queen City's premier men's flat-track roller derby team. Many of our skaters are brand new to roller derby, and many were just learning to skate when they joined. Through blood, sweat and bruises, under the guidance of our coaches Juwana Hurt and Quad Almighty, and with plenty of support from experienced, derby girls, the team has grown and developed at an impressive clip.

• November 19th, 2011 •

The Battering Rams played in their first open scrimmage at CRG's annual Scrimmage-a-thon. Though still very green, our team took to the track for the first time, and gave it our all. It was a truly inspiring experience. Though, we had come far from our first wobbly practice, witnessing the caliber of athleticism from members of neighboring men's teams such as Race City Rebels and Green Bay Smackers made it very clear how far we still had to go, and strengthened our resolve.

• November 23rd, 2011 •

The team officially elected Juwana Hurt as head coach. Her immense experience in speed skating and roller derby combined with her unwaivering encouragement and support have accelerated our growth. The pairing of Juwana as coach and Quad as Captain further soldified our direction and growth as we continued to work toward game-readiness.

• September 22nd, 2012 •

The Cincinnati Battering Rams played their first official bout versus The Chicago Bruise Bros.

• February 23rd, 2013 •

The Cincinnati Battering Rams will be hosting their first home bout!